Golden Helmet to Gian Carlo Minardi

I am truly honoured to receive this prestigious reward. One for all, I want to thank Autosprint editorAlberto Sabatini”. It is the first comment of Gian Carlo Minardi after being awarded with Autosprint Golden Helmet for his career and his engagement in Motorsport with Minardi F1 Team.

After accompanying on stage a lot of young drivers who have drived with me, I am glad I received this prize in a so important occasion like the fiftieth year and among many illustrious names who wrote the history of autosport like President Luca Cordero di Montezzemolo, Mario Andretti and Marco Tronchetti Provera, along with new protagonists like Luca Ghiotto, Antonio Giovinazzi, and Riccardo Agostini”.

We are also glad to announce the prize received by Alessandro Nannini that we have met some days ago for a plesant chat.