Bernie Ecclestone sells his Formula 1

With the image of Scrooge McDuck happily swimming in his deposit, we wanted to joke, but it seems that  Bernie Ecclestone sold (or is going to sell) Formula 1 to the American group Liberty Media.

 The Italian Grand Prix weekend in the temple of speed in Monza has been rich in announcements. From Felice Massa who will leave the Circus at the end of the season, closing his adventure with Williams, to Soffel Vandoome debutting in the world championship beside Fernando Alonso in 2017 with McClaren, and Jenson Button as a third/test driver.  The renewal of the agreement between F1 and the Circuit of Monza for other three years that, anyway, has still to be signed.

From what we heard, Bernie Ecclestone would have found a buyer for F1, even if he will stay beside the new proprietor. A Formula 1 that in this moment has to  renew itself and be spectacular again because the fans that flocked to Monza deserve more, absolutely. We have to reconsider the rules and the format”, explains Gian Carlo Minardi interviewed by

The decision made by Massa has to be respected. He has given a lot to this sport, as much as he has received, and today he does not want call himself into question again, and worsen the technical level. A decision that we must respect. In 2017, at McLaren we will have a World Champion as a test driver/third driver and a young driver as a regular. Softel Vandoorne has proved to have all the qualities to do well, but his adventure starts with a great pressure. This choice from the team makes me think that if the young boy do not respects their expectations, Button could replace him”.