Gian Carlo Minardi receives the prize "Una vita per lo sport"

In the set of Piazza del Popolo in Faenza,  Saturday 10th September, Gian Carlo Minardi received the Panathlon Club Faenza prize entitled “Una vita per lo sport”, a  prize created in 1990 dedicated to those citizens from Faenza who have distinguished themselves in sport.

It is the second prize that I receive from the city of Faenza. I received the first one, “Faentino sotto la torre”, in 1987, after my entrance into Formula 1 World Championship with the Minardi team. These are the most important prizes that the municipal administration of Faenza gives to its citizens, and I am proud of both of them”, Gian Carlo Minardi says.

A recognition that does not come just for the results achieved in 21 F1 seasons. “I was chairman of the greco-Roman wrestling club and currently I am still  chairman of the Faenza Calcio”, the manager from Faenza continues.

It was a great pleasure to receive the prize from Mauro Benericetti, chairman of the Panathlon Club Faenza and from Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Minissale, chairman of the agonistic department of the Army Sports Centre. It happened in the presence of its Olympic athletes:  Odette Giuffrida (silver medal in judo, in recent  Brazilian Olympic Games) Brazil Fabio Parisi (greco-Roman wrestling), John Sarchioto (boxing), Raffaele Di Serio (boxing), Licia Martignani (Taekwondo), Lara Mori and Erika Fasana (artistic gymnastics). As President of the Commission speed ACI Sport, I am working together with Lieutenant Colonel Minissale to activate a collaboration with the center“.

During the weekend of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Minissale, along with the medalists Basile and Chamizo, guided by Gian carlo Minardi, have touched the environment of Formula 1.