Brazilian GP – Drivers' Scorecard

Interlagos is always an amazing and considerable circuit. The organizers deserve praise for the work done on the asphalt, having improved its performance. It was also very interesting Piquet’s speech on stage at the end of GP, which bring F.1 back to past times, with questions for drivers related to other topics outside the race, making it more joking.

Nico Rosberg – 10 Pole and victory, without making the slightest imperfection, despite Hamilton’s important pressure during the all race. If he’s made fewer mistakes during the season, this would be for him an incredible match-point. Unfortunately, he alternated masterful and less positive performances, like in Austin, when he practically opened the door to team-mate

Lewis Hamilton – 9 He made a mistake, trying to regain his team-mate and scoring, anyway, the fastest lap of the race. In many passes, they challenged on the edge of the second tenth, running on high paces. He gave a hard time to the team-mate and it was a fight just between the two of them. Unluckily, only one can win, even though they both deserve an award

Felipe Massa – 9 He made two mistakes, exceeding the speed-limit and stopping in the wrong box, but he has completed a masterful race, gaining a new podium for himself and for his Williams. To date, unfortunately, they are not yet in a position to strike back Mercedes’ supremacy and only external factors may change an already written, also in Abu Dhabi

Jenson Button – 8 As separated (or almost), he is proving that he would deserve better consideration

Sebastian Vettel – 8 He is author of a great race and he led the only points at Renault

Fernando Alonso – 8 He constantly fight with a knife between his teeth, despite a car that is not perfect. Today, he is the fourth power of the world championship, behind Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams. With limited time available, it will be hard to solve problems. Once again, however, he wins the battle with the team-mate, who gave an awakening signal

Nico Hulkenberg – 7 He brings new points at Force India

Valtteri Bottas and Kevin Magnussen – 6 They have not been able to confirm the results obtained in Qualifying, losing the comparison with the “veteran” team-mates