São Paulo has not lived up to expectations, thanks to an exciting circuit that puts drivers’ ability to the test. As easily expected, we have had a clear supremacy of Mercedes team and its Power-Unit, with four drivers in the top-4 and seven in the top-10.

Good race also for Sebastian Vettel, with Daniel Ricciardo particularly unlucky, braked by the failure of left front suspension. Fernando Alonso has driven at his best with his Ferrari, playing all-out like Kimi Raikkonen, who has played the card of pit-stop less, risking compromising the seventh place, in favor of Hulkenberg and Magnussen. Given the supremacy of the German PU, the battle has been won by Vettel-Alonso-Raikkonen, entering into the top-10. Button himself then has been the author of a good race, showing how his McLaren defends itself with Medium and Hard compounds, suffering, instead, with Soft and Supersoft.

Once again, it has been an unequal fight between the pair Hamilton/Rosberg and everyone else. They have fight till the end, challenging with fast laps. That is the beauty of two champions, using a car that allows them to do what they want. Despite the supremacy, however, the title will be awarded only at the last race in Abu Dhabi. This can only be good for F1. The advantage of the English driver remains like that and he can end the game even with a second place. It will be a weekend that will open with many unknown elements, both for reliability and possible mistakes. Even today, Lewis himself makes a mistake that, in other circumstances, would have been fatal. Thanks to the new safety rules (which led to pave the escape ways) he has been spared, losing only a few seconds. However, 17-points lead are an important lifesaver, demonstrating that the double points are useless invention. Moreover, the track has already approved its verdict. 10 to 5 wins for Hamilton on Rosberg … Then, other factors, such as reliability, have affected the standings.

Well done also for Felipe Massa. With the third place, he completes the podium of the home-race. He has made two mistakes as a beginner, but, anyway, they wouldn’t have changed the result. Two mistakes, dictated by the heat of racing in front of his audience and driving a competitive car like his Williams. Unfortunately, the Brazilian misses several points lost in the first part that now would have launched him to the third-fourth place. He has lived a season in growing and monetizing the potential of his car. He is still a long way from Mercedes, but the PU allows him to reach these results.

With regards to mistakes, it has been a Sunday full of imperfections in the pits with Raikkonen, Bottas and Hamilton. For Ferrari, it is the second error. An alarm bell not to be underestimated, because it comes in an area where the Prancing Horse has always been at the top.

Gian Carlo Minardi