Brazilian GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

The Brazilian GP marked the end of the 2013 F.1 season.

Sebastian Vettel 9.5 – No doubt he deserves a good mark, as he and Red Bull were always the most performing on track, come rain or shine. Once again they did what they wanted. They were a “war machine”, as they took 9 consecutive wins. They were unbeatable.

 Mark Webber 9 – He deserves this mark because he finished second on Sunday (thanks to his second place he took the third place in the championship) and also because he’s a true gentleman. He was “stolen” a title he had already won and he had to race as a “second driver”; he never complained. All Red Bull’s problems occurred on his car.
Fernando Alonso 9 – He proved himself to be the number one. He led his Ferrari onto the podium again, despite the race was dominated by Red Bull.

Jenson Button and Sergio Perez 7 – Thanks to them McLaren flourished again. The English team laid around in the races. Button’s fourth place was unexpected, just like the Mexican’s sixth place, as, if he hadn’t changed the gearbox, he could have finished ahead his team mate, who was reconfirmed.

Nico Rosberg 7 Good race. He was very aggressive as compared to the previous races. He fought tooth and nail to defend his position.

Felipe Massa 9 – He was “stolen” a podium, because Fernando would have let him pass and finish his adventure alongside the Italian team, on the podium, in front of his supporters.

Nico Hulkenberg 7 – Once again he scored points for the team. His contribution to save Sauber’s season was decisive. Thanks to the points he scored he brought certain advantages to the team. This is a clear proof of how important it is for a second-tier team to have an experienced driver whose salary is paid off with results.

Lewis Hamilton 6.5 – Even if I think that he was imposed an over-the-top penalty (it’s a consequence of a penalty imposed on Massa with the sole purpose to balance the forces), a world champion shouldn’t create certain situations; he could have used another way to overtake Bottas. The Finn, however, had enough room to avoid the collision, like it is required by regulations.

Daniel Ricciardo 7 – Both him and his team mate kept a good pace in the wet in Q3. In the dry, they weren’t as performing as they were before; anyway he scored the last point of the season for Toro Rosso.

FIA 0 –  This mark is due to the Federation’s disorganization. I think it’s time to rejuvenate the board and establish a unique commission to judge drivers. That is to ensure judgment’s uniformity.