British GP – PREVIEW

Formula 1 is back in the circuit that wrote the history of motorsport, on a track with a “choreography” and a sports culture that is difficult to find elsewhere. We arrive at Silverstone at a particular time of the season, with an exciting duel going on between Nico and Lewis at Mercedes’.

Rosberg will try to defend himself from a good driver that has always been strong and that can count on the support of his home crowd. We expect again a direct fight, important in the view of the World Championship, with very fast actors, such as Williams and the other cars pushed by the German PU, which will certainly not stand and watch. On the other hand, it’s a difficult moment for Ferrari and Renault, which is experiencing hard days, as we can read also in the various specialized weekly magazines. As we already mentioned in the recent weeks, problems and discussions are on the agenda and something might happen.

The extra variable can be represented, as often happens, by the weather that has historically influenced the final result. On the front of tyres, Pirelli leaves momentarily aside the Soft and Supersoft, relying on Medium and Hard that could change the values hitherto expressed. There might be a return of McLaren, which has always been at ease with Hard. In the last races they have shown signs of awakening with Magnussen, while Button is “entered in the viewfinder” and could be “sacrificed” in view of 2015.

It promises to be a hot summer on the front of riders. At Red Bull’s we have a Sebastian Vettel ready to be dumped, also because of the many young drivers who push to have a chance, such as Kvyat and Sainz J. For a company that lives on marketing, the passing of the baton it’s understandable. Vettel has given all he could give, making his team walking on clouds. We might expect movements at Mercedes’ too, where Hamilton is not happy with his situation. Moreover, we must not forget that Toto Wolf is a shareholder of Williams and manager of Bottas. Therefore, I would not wonder about a possible pair Bottas-Rosberg. The Finnish driver is proving good speed and technical characteristics. As said at McLaren’s, Honda wants a top driver alongside Magnussen. Therefore Button-Vettel-Hamilton-Bottas could really “fire” the market. We expect several “games” between motor homes.

For the Minardi Team, Silverstone is an historical circuit that evokes wonderful memories such as the 5th and 6th are scored by Martini-Sala. Thanks to that fantastic result, we were able to re-enter into the Constructors’ top ten. In those years, being in the top-six was like entering today among the top three of the ranking. An unforgettable result in the history and life of Minardi.

In a few days we’ll be in England, on the Silverstone track, which represents the history of this sport.