Minardi back on the track

Last weekend, during the Zandwoort Festival, some Minardis came back on track, in front of a public of 40,000 fans and F1 enthusiasts. The collector Frits van Eed brought back on the track, along with former Minardi driver Verstappen and Jan Lammers, six open-wheel cars of the team based in Faenza, completely restored with the original liveries .

Among the guests, Gian Carlo Minardi couldn’t certainly miss the event: “It has been a long day absolutely thrilling, fascinating and exciting. Watching these cars – that stayed stopped for about 20 years – running on the track again is something beyond words. I have to congratulate Frits for his passion for the world of Formula 1 and for the colors of the Minardi Team. Consider that in his museum there are more than 60 cars, of which 11 (out of 22 built) Minardi”, Gian Carlo Minardi comments. “I am really pleased because it all happened on the occasion of Zandwoort Festival, this year dedicated to Italian products, and Frits has chosen to bring my cars on track, despite he also owns three Ferraris, plus lots of Williams, McLaren s and other cars that you cannot see around anymore. I also saw the Minardi M187-Motori Moderni running on the track, perhaps the most beautiful car”.

Do not miss the video on Minardi-TV with the Minardis in action on the track!