Chaos in Ferrari, James Allison towards Renault

While Ferrari has to respond tangibly to the last lackluster performances, the rumors about an agitated and doubtful milieu continue. In recent days, there was a meeting for trying to bring back Ross Brawn in Maranello, but the English technician declined the offer.The feedback of the Technician from Manchester, who in a Ferrari-style says that he has not been contacted, leaves an open window”, says Gian Carlo Minardi consulted by about the current situation in the Sports Management of Maranello. 35 years of experience in Motorsport make the entrepreneur from Faenza a reliable voice.In this moment, Ferrari lacks a team spirit”. In the upcoming weeks, some important changes are expected within the Sports Management, regarding not only the technicians but also the Team Principal”.The contract with James Alison is in a cordial conclusive phase trough a company agreement with which the Technician will avoid the gardening. In addition, they are also negotiating Maurizio Arrivabene’s exit. In this moment, we cannot see who the leader is”, continues the previous Team Principal, founder of the same name stable from Faenza.

Marchionne in command

I don’t see how Marchionne can charge himself with the entire racing department, even if he has a lot experience as a manager. The management of a F1 team is a demanding job that requires 15-16 working hours a day. Living in contact with the racing department in first person, and not via rumors, is fundamental. Only this way, we can be aware of the true situation. I am sure that Ferrari has all the means (technical and economic) and the human resources to reborn. Anyway, they need to put the appropriate people in the right places”. Yet, in this moment, the valid alternatives lack.

Ferrari, the third power in the World Championship

Early in season, the staff of Maranello announced firmly to have reached Mercedes. Reality, instead, speaks about a Ferrari even behind Red Bull. “They need to give back some reliability to the Ferrari project. Once, Maranello was the arrival point for mechanics, engineers, and drivers. Nowadays, instead, the wind is changed. Vettel himself has had some contact with the top brass of Mercedes. I am the first one who wants to hear the Mameli’s hymn played at high volume, but in this moment, I see this as improbable. Today, the difficulties that had emerged since the first races, hidden by placings and declarations, are coming out. Actually, in that moment, the results were the outcomes of the lacks of their competitors who have been able to grow in the last months, like Red Bull that has inserted itself between Maranello and Mercedes.

An already damaged 2017?

The stalemate could jeopardize season 2017, even before it starts. The project about a new car has already started. “2017 will be characterized by important technical changes. Therefore, it will be important to make a good project, but with this uncertainty, it is difficult to understand to who it will be assigned and who will manage it.