F1 | Hungarian GP – THE POINT

We watched a Hungarian GP animated by strategy. A race built at the start with Hamilton immediately overtaking the pole man Nico Rosberg who did not manage to trouble his team-mate, in spite of a certain aggressiveness.

The negative aspect came from the Sports Commissioners who “ruined” the weekend with some unclear decisions. In Q1, the 107% rule was not satisfied, and then they validated the pole position of Rosberg who made a fabulous lap with the yellow flags.  I am a fan of his, but in my opinion, the rule went missed.  Some drivers were penalized too heavily for surpassing the white flag, meanwhile Verstappen was not even rebuked. With a too strong-arm tactics, once again he kept Kimi Raikkonen behind. If they had abided by the regulation to the letter, they would have penalized the Dutch driver.

Once again, we saw the excessive power of Mercedes that ended the race with a 27”advantage on Riccardo and Vettel. They handled the race with a great calm. Vettel and Raikkonen ended the GP behind Ricciardo and Verstappen respectively, even if the Finnish driver was maker of a great recovery, after his mistake in qualifying that had taken him up the 14th place. He handled his SuperSoft tires very well, achieving his best seasonal race. After Silversone, Ferrari is back on his standard, even if it is not enough for opposing the Silver Arrows, neither a Red Bull that is in a strong growth, just a point away from Maranello in the Constructors’ standings.

In Germany, we hope to see a more aggressive Ferrari able to stretch out on Red Bull.