Cisitalia Group meets Gian Carlo Minardi

Alberto Diaz Lima (President & Owner of Cisitalia Global Group, together with the engineer  Mr. Enrique Scalabroni, were guests of Gian Carlo Minardi in Faenza. Mr. Diaz Lima is the unique depository of the glorious brand Cisitalia that in the 50s realized futuristic cars and wrote the history for its innovations. Cisitalia Group’s symbol par excellence is without any doubt the 202, driven by Tazio Nuvolari, who took the car to gain many successes, and exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York for 40 years.

It was a courtesy meeting and, personally, I was very pleased to share my own opinions both with President Diaz Lima and Eng. Scalabroni. In recent years, the Group has undertaken to design a modern version of the historic brand Cisitalia, as well as create a new edition of cars with construction systems of that era“, Gian Carlo Minardi says. “The 202 was a futuristic car for those years and the most famous model, becoming an icon of Made in Italy Design“.

In 2012, the new challenge was called 202 E: redesigning the sport coupé car that became a milestone in automotive history. A proof of concept, based on the study of Cisitalia 202.