Gian Carlo Minardi: "We expect a futuristic and amazing McLaren"

All the eyes now are focused on teams’ headquarters, waiting for the launches that will reveal the new open-wheels, ready to liven up 2015 Formula 1 World Championship. Then, count-down is started. Immediately after launches (on January 21st, Force India; on January 29th, McLaren, on January 30th, Ferrari (online); on February 1st, Mercedes), cars will be awaited on track, for the first 4-days test session on the Spanish circuit of Jerez.

Rumours talk about McLaren ready for redemption, after 2014 closed on the fifth position, behind Ferrari, as Gian Carlo Minardi says to us. “There is a lot of excitement at McLaren and rumours talk about not only amazing but also futuristic car, with Honda engine, which is in great recovery on electrical side, weakest link of the Japanese Power Unit“, the manager from Faenza comments on Just in recent days, FIA accorded to the Japanese constructor the possibility of developing its unit with 32 evolution tokens, after certification on February 28th. “This news, that was in the air, has revived the atmosphere, giving a great impulse of confidence. It is talked about a McLaren with completely new chassis and a lot of innovation in many sectors“, Minardi analyses. Prodromou therapy seems to give wished fruits, and this just can please Fernando Also and Jenson Button. “Everything will certainly have been possible thanks also to a valid engine mechanical design“.

If also this year prospects will be respected, as per last season Mercedes will be the car to fight. However, we have to wait for an amazing championship. “In office World Champions start with Power Unit of last year, with the only change of injection (it is said that it is revolutionary) and they rely on using the 32 tokens at disposal during the season, if necessary. This prove that they are aware of their technical superiority“.