EnginePuzzle – Red Bull between Ferrari and Mercedes. Risk at Honda

With every days that goes by, the engine tangle is getting more and more complicated at Red Bull. Furthermore, even if the marriage between Red Bull and Mercedes looked like a thing done in late July, during the Italian Gp at Monza, Mercedes made a decisive back step: the management of the German team proclaimed that they won’t supply a team born to win. Meanwhile Ferrari stepped forward through its President Sergio Marchionne. They put words into action with several meetings aimed to reach an agreement.

This way the stable of “The Prancing Horse” would provide its engines to Toro Rosso in addition to Red Bull, starting a significant Power-Unit “waltz” and gaining a good economic returns. We must not to forget that the rules allows each manufacturer to supply a maximum of four teams and the new “Star and Stripes” team Haas will be equipped with a Maranello’s heart from 2016. In this “dangerous” game Sauber could be the loser, with Manor in Mercedes perspective. We approach the end of September and the situation is still stuck. Mercedes uncertainties also spread along Maranello’s corridors.

The rules is clear: all the teams enrolled to the F1 World Championship must have an engine. If Maranello says “no”, measures will be taken by the top brass. As a good orchestra leader, Mr. E won’t stand watching, also because he can’t afford to loose two such important teams like Red Bull and Toro Rosso.The only certainty is that the next year RBR and TR won’t use a Renault PU anymore. If we add to this also the troubles at Lotus and McLaren, we understand that we are fire-walking.Enstone’s group is awaiting Renault to attempt planning the future of its team that in Japan gave a nice trial of strength closing its race in seventh and eighth with Grosjean and Maldonado.

The situation at McLaren-Honda is the same. Ron Dennis’ team is paying the heavy Japanese debacle among some shirker sponsors and others ready to run away.Alonso’s radio-team during Suzuka’s Gp is in inexcusable, it is a synonym of frustration. For Honda it is hard time.The technical gap is huge compared to its opponents. In such situations Japaneses usually made drastic choices. At present it is really difficult to imagine their future in F1 after 2016.

In the next few days something will certainly happen also because there are two cars to be designed.