F1- Japan Gp: THE POINT

Everything went back to normal. After the negative pause in Singapore, here in Japan Mercedes exhibited again all its excessive power with Hamilton that couldn’t be caught. Being able to do what he wants, he proved to be in the saddle to his rivals. Nico Rosberg, failing his start, compromised not only his race but also his iridescent chances.

W06 Hybrid is on another planet, beyond mistakes or complications. After a win, the third place is always a “bitter pill”. Nevertheless, for Ferrari the third and fourth places are a good booty. Vettel brings home the tenth seasonal podium gained on a track that is demanding for “The Red” which reinforces its second place on the Constructors’ World Championship standings to the detriment of William already oriented towards 2016.

Anyway, this grand prix gave us beautiful duels and over-takings, like that made by Nico to the detriment of Bottas, or that made by Verstappen against his team-mate Sainz. Luckily direction changed its policy giving space to half group battles. Once again the two young “bulls” reanimated the race, giving three important points to Toro Rosso despite some mistakes like that made by Sainz Jr. at the entrance of the pit-lane that damaged the spoiler of his car. Congratulations to Force India, and especially Lotus. Vijay Mallya’s team which reconfirmed Hulkenberg and Perez for the next season proves that the fifth place in the World Championship is well-earned. The response of Lotus was amazing. Despite hard times, It greets Suzuka in eight and seventh. This is an award for all its staff who keeps working despite strong pressure. I hope a transfer of property will be announced in the next few days.

A thought also goes to Fernando Alonso’s race. Surely, I do not agree with the radio outburst of the Spanish team that after suffering another overtaking hasn’t spared heavy criticism to its McLaren-Honda. Anyway, I can understand Alonso’s frustration. Despite having continually struggle, he closed only eleventh, ahead his team-mate stopped sixteenth. It is really a hard moment for him and especially for Honda. I am worried about what Japaneses can do in this critical situation.
The technical gap is substantial and we don’t see any Power-Unit improvements. At date I can’t see their future in F1 beyond 2016.

However, the Circus is correctly facing such a hard moment. Some entity are “fire-walking”. Along with Honda, whose complications affect the financial condition of its team, we haveRed Bull (RBR and TR) without an engine, and Lotus that is nervously waiting Renault. Time is running out and, according to rumors, some complicated situations should unlock during this week. Also Mercedes could have a change of mind about Red Bull. The fact is that we have a clear regulations: each team must have an engine. We’ll see how all this will develop. As an excellent orchestra leader as he is, Mr. E. won’t stand watching.