Let’s give votes to the protagonists of an exciting race thanks to the amazing start of Williams and Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg and rain, that has reshuffled the cards on the final.

Lewis Hamilton – 10 Despite having by his hands a spaceship, none can deny him full votes this weekend. He was flawless throughout the weekend, unlike his teammate.

Felipe Massa – 9 He was the protagonist of the British weekend. He was the only one to improve in the second stint of Q3 and the author of a stunning start that launched him straight in the lead. Unfortunately, the strategy and a car were not competitive on the wet, denying him the satisfaction of the podium.

Sebastian Vettel – 8.5 Thanks to the rain, he straightened a weekend that was closing far from the first positions, giving an unexpected podium at Red team. He was great to exploit the strategy and to sense the necessity of changing his tyres at the best time, unlike Raikkonen.

Daniil Kvyat – 8 He continues to drive constantly kilometers with a car that suffers, obscuring the star, Ricciardo. Good his final sixth position, for him and Red Bull.

Nico Hulkenberg – 8 Although his not competitive car, he proved to be a driver so far underestimated. Beautiful even his departure. Without the rain, he could also attack Vettel for the fifth place finish.

Carlos Sainz – 7 He was the author of a solid performance until the time of retirement. Once again, Red Bull was forced to give up the points because of the transalpine power-unit.

Nico Rosberg – 7 With the car he drives, he has to do more, especially for Qualifying and for the first part of the race. He grabbed a second place thanks to the strategy of his box and for the errors of Williams. I did not see him such “hunger” as he should be under these circumstances. In wet conditions he was recovering very well for Hamilton, who, however, has correctly predicted the exact moment to enter the pits.

Fernando Alonso – 7 of encouragement because he fought tooth and nail to grab this small point despite a dangerously uncompetitive car.

Valtteri Bottas – 6 He suffered throughout the weekend the “old man”. Whereas he is a possible candidate for Raikkonen’s place at Ferrari, this performance should make him reflect. Too compliant, also against Hamilton. That being the case, I do not see he as a Ferrari driver.

Now we have three weeks of relaxation, where everyone will be called to work overtime.