F.1 – Minardi: “Titles are not won by chance. Well done Hamilton and Vettel!”

Leitmotif of the British Grand Prix that took place in the temple of Motorsport at Silverstone, is once again Mercedes, which wanted to play “cat and mouse” with opponents. With regard to starts, I am convinced that, in view of the problems accused by Hamilton in Austria and Rosberg during the test sessions, the men of Toto Wolff have used a more conservative mapping of the Power-unit (low speed) than the two Williams and Nico Hulkenberg’s Force India, authors of a flying start.

They left the two Williams “quiet” at the start, until the first stop. By then, Hamilton was perfect, as well as when he decided to open the dances. The icing on the cake came in the final stages, with the entrance to the pits to switch the intermediate compounds in the most propitious moment. In these circumstances, the drivers have the best view of the race and these are decisions that make the difference between a champion and a good driver. The same goes for Sebastian Vettel. The two most titled World Champions have guessed the exact moment to change their tyres; one won and the other gave a podium so far unexpected. This is the proof that the titles are not won by chance.

Two things left me puzzled: the lack of incisiveness of Nico Rosberg – an explanation could be found in Williams’ aerodynamics. Having a low downforce, perhaps it disturbs mainly those who follow it.