F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi: “I would like to see again Formula 1 at Imola circuit”

The days pass and the rumours around the future of the Italian Grand Prix are becoming more insistent. The latest initiative is named after the President of Lombardy Region, Roberto Maroni, who through the signature collection – called “Get on track with Lombardy. Sign for the GP in Monza” – is attempting to convince Bernie Ecclestone.

As we know, the contract between Monza circuit and FOA expires in 2016. Meanwhile, in recent weeks Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit has stepped forward, through a delegation headed by the Mayor of Imola Daniele Manca, that have met Bernie Ecclestone.It can be done. There are good intentions and foundations as well. Imola was a good experience that could revive since 2017. I want that Italy remains at all costs in the calendar of Formula 1. But while Imola contacted me, I don’t know anything about Monza since one month. There is the desire to save the Italian Grand Prix, but money lack“.

One possible alternation with Monza is not bad even for Gian Carlo Minardi, who has commented on the website www.minardi.it: “In these days I’ve read that Imola would usurp the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. My reading key is different and I don’t see it as a negative aspect. Thanks to a new and solid company, Imola has proposed to Ecclestone, so that Italy doesn’t lose its world stage. The Italian Grand Prix is Monza, but if there were any problems, Imola could take over for hosting the Circus. The turnover could also be a viable solution”, the manager from Faenza concluded, “but here discussions of a political nature which go out of my league will open“.