F.1 – Road to Silverstone

We enter the second part of a championship that now has little to tell in terms of World Champions. Mercedes holds the absolute leadership. There’s just open the internal fight between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. In the latest appointments, we saw Nico being on perfect form than the teammate, who was distracted and nervous. Last year the German driver was very fast, signing the pole position and leaving the victory to the teammate only for the gearbox failure.

It will be a Grand Prix to follow carefully, especially for Williams, which at Silverstone “opened the dances” to a great second part of the season, which gave it the third position among Constructors. The British team will be kept under control in particular by Ferrari that is the second force in field at the moment.

Silverstone is particularly abrasive circuit and for 52 laps Pirelli will bring Medium and Hard compounds. Be careful to the rain that has always been an important feature. Right now, England is crossed by high pressure that could remove the uncertainty of a wet track.

Behind the scenes, the Circus will also talk about drivers-market and I hope it can be taken into account even our young drivers, who are standing out in the preparatory categories, such as Marciello, Fuoco (who made their debut in the post-Austria test sessions), Ghiotto, the winner of GP3 and Giovinazzo that is fighting in the International F.3. Just about young drivers, last weekend I was present at Imola circuit for the ACI Racing weekend. It was interesting both for numbers and also quality, with 40 GT cars and 27 Formula 4 open-wheels, with a grid composed by16 F.4 cars, all close in just 9 dec. Who was sitting in the stands has seen hard-fought races with the drivers of the future in action. The FIA will have to take another step forward since, to date, the jump from F.4 to International F.3 is very wide and we see too often spectacular and dangerous crashes.

Gian Carlo Minardi