F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "The big challenge for Michael Schumacher"

Minardi.jpg'Official: the Formula 1 finds its champion. Michael Schumacher, after 7 world titles won at the wheel of the Benetton and Ferrari, and three years after his retirement in 2010 – and for the next three seasons – will again wear overalls, gloves and helmet dive in the cockpit of the new Mercedes Grand Prix former Brauw GP.

At the age of 41 Schumacher gets back into play then, accepting the comparison with the new generation “Michael will be a great challenge and will certainly be interesting to see what will be able to make a man of 41 years in Formula 1 after three years away from the circuit. Schumacher has always been a human image, in addition to being a seven-time world champion, and his return will do very well to the image of F1. Initially, at least the cameras will all be for him. “Comment Gian Carlo Minardi
Michael Schumacher completes the line-up of Mercedes GP, teaming up with the already confirmed Nico Rosberg “For me Rosberg is one of the most promising young drivers and may give a hard time at the” old man “continues Gian Carlo Minardi,” The choice made by the German team seems very valid, because they decided to accompany a young pilot with a matchless experience, which has already raced in Formula 1 with shells so capacious. If we combine this factor also marketing, then comes out a winning mixture.
For the Mercedes will not be easy, however, repeat the achievements of the Branw GP in this league, even if Ross is a whiz when it comes to interpreting the new regulations will give us and 2010 tanks with 180 pounds of gasoline and narrower tires on the front – just to mention two new – So his opponents should not rest easy”
concludes Minardi