Gian Carlo Minardi in the Jerez test, the new F. ACI CSAI Abarth and 2010

Minardi.jpg'On the Spanish circuit of Jerez de la Frontera Gian Carlo Minardi is back to breathe air from Formula 1, thanks to the important Youth Project on Track ACI CSAI initiated by the Federal School of which the former builder Faenza is president of Speed for the selection of Young Driver Supercorso 2010. Gian Carlo Minardi and then follow the important role of all pilots licensed CSAI around the various international race tracks, with the goal of discovering new Fisichella and Trulli to be launched in the Formula 1 circus.

Contacted by the microphones of, Gian Carlo Minardi wanted to address several topical issues, ranging from the last test in Spain, the new formula ACI CSAI Abarth, concluding with a window on the next Formula 1 World
“The three days at Jerez was a very positive and interesting that all three boys committed the wheel of the Ferrari F60 – defending champion Daniel Zampieri, the vice-champion Marco Zipoli and Sanchez Lopez – have passed the exam even though it emerged as a very important test conducted on a track as demanding true requires more athletic and mental. Precisely for this as a Federation we are organizing a technical staff that will have the task of constantly monitoring the drivers who take part in the new league ACI CSAI Abarth.
Each pilot has had two and a half hours and the first car out was the Genovese Marco Zipoli. Due to the rain overnight the track was slightly damp, but after a few rounds have already been mounted tires slight. With the hard compounds Zipoli set her best performance. Right off the final after returning to the track with the soft compound, emotion took over a gas thereby committing an error.
he wheel then move to the Italian Formula 3 champion Daniel Zampieri who enters the track with the rain, because of rain around midday. After 6-7 rounds trajectories begin to dry and the Ferrari engineers mountain dry mixture, with which Zampieri brings together a host of impressive runs without error. It then goes to the hard compounds and then to soft with which the first pass signing her best performance – 1:21.279 – He paid a little ‘tension and, on the very end, was forced to lift his foot down’ acceleration for a back pain.
Then comes the time to Sanchez, the most experienced of the three because it could count on greater international experience. With soft compound becomes the protagonist of a good performance, but with hard compounds signing the best performance of the day in 1’21”down.
This day of testing was very useful as it gave us the opportunity to collect lots of information to continue improving the project, thus giving the opportunity for kids to get more and more ready for an appointment so important.
A look at the Spanish three days showed a very high level among the 12-13 boys who have alternated at the wheel of different cars, although it is difficult to make an accurate assessment, as each team has carried out its own program to the next season. It ‘a shame that these guys we have only three days at the end of the season for showing off. Daniel Ricciardo was surely a great time at the wheel of Red Bull, and has been managed very well because after shooting the first two rounds is back on track only the last day. For the Italians, Mirko Bortolotti to the wheel of the Toro Rosso, has behaved very well in the type of work required by his team. This can only please me because it is a creature of the new chain CSAI, having taken part in Formula 3 and Formula Azzurra Italy in recent years. In the future will have many opportunities to show his skills.
F. ACI CSAI ABARTH – From next season the Italian Championship Formula Azzurra leave room for the newly formed ACI CSAI Abarth, the formula that will have the honor and the burden of preparing the samples to the future launch of the Formula 3 Italy. “At the Bologna Motor Show, we officially introduced the new ACI CSAI Abarth. The car is very nice and technically very good. To date we have 28 cars booked and are joining our team that can boast a prestigious major curriculum at European level. There is also a great ferment on the front drivers – both Italian and foreign – and, this category along with Formula 3 Italy will certainly be the flagship of the Italian championships. We are also working on a sample provided between the F3 and F1. For this purpose we will certainly need the cooperation of the Italian team more important, whose contribution was invaluable in the past two years.
F1 e 2010 – Speaking with Gian Carlo Minardi, one can not enter on the Formula 1, particularly in a time of great change like this in which several teams are preparing to make their entrance. Among the news was announced the new score, a system that rewards the winner more Ben are all these series of innovations that may give aid to boost the show. It ‘the first new license plate Todt. Hopefully I can follow many others. I think you need to review the days dedicated to young drivers, as these should not be concentrated only at the end of the season and reduced to three days. This regulation also goes against the security because you can not put the track in the pilot without experience. Until a few years ago Superlicense was sub-judge at least 300 km to make a circuit is approved for F1.
On the 2010 we are awaiting more information on the string which bought the Renault team and I hope that the Federation can do some investigation on the new team, because the American team is very large. I hope that next season is not just a struggle to four – Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren – though almost certainly the gap between the top teams and the others will widen. The new entries need budgets and then come back into play a mechanism that had been abandoned in the attic in recent seasons. On the riders Williams has made a choice very carefully because it has decided to accompany an experienced driver Rubens Barrichello as a young very interesting. It would be too great if everyone takes an example. We must then see what will be the decision of Michael Schumacher. While I’m attracted by the idea that it can return to racing, second is spoken more often to try the youth of 19 years and then a seat to a pilot of 41 years. I think that F1 needs new young people. E ‘disarming if the circus was forced to resort to a man of 41 years to create news. Today we talk more than Schumacher and with Jenson Button, who won the world or of a young driver like Sebastian Vettel.