F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi: “These regulations have to be changed”

The Austrian Grand Prix will be remembered not only for the double of Mercedes, but also for the penalties imposed to McLaren, Toro Rosso and Red Bull for exceeding the maximum number of Power Unit (four per season per car). Sum it all together they have touched a record of 70 penalty positions on the grid. Even Jenson Button would have to back 25 positions (in a line-up that counts on 20 cars maximum). It gets a little better his teammates.

Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will be forced to change again the engine in view of the Silverstone Grand Prix. Here come another 20 positions of relegation, to which further penalty will be added in the race (drive through or stop and go) whether they fail to succeed in paying them all on the grid. “At this rate McLaren will eventually serve it penalties in the next season. It’s definitely a crazy and too complicated regulation“, Gian Carlo Minardi says. “Fans can’t understand anything and this leads to a dangerous leaving. These regulations should be rewritten and revised. Look what happened to Maldonado. He lost control of his Lotus in the straight out of the wake“. Alain Prost was of the same opinion: “This aspect of the regulation should be changed. The driver has already been penalized because he could not finish the race or qualifying. And he has even to undergo an additional penalty”. Jean Alesi: “Who wrote these rules wants the ruin the Formula 1. Just need to talk to the fans in order to understand how much the public is moving away. To know the rules, it takes a degree in engineering … ” and Carlos Sainz following his son: “People no longer understands what are the criteria that determines the line-up. The rules of Formula 1 are too complicated”.