Lewis Hamilton 9 – Despite an exceptional Sunday and the pole position I cannot give more, because at the start of the weekend I saw him very nervous, committing several mistakes. Perhaps he had also accused the post-Monaco. During the race, instead, he was perfect. When he is on form, he cannot be caught.
Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa – 8 For their incredible comeback, with important time results, although we must not be deceived by an easy optimism. Apart from Hamilton, who managed his car, Raikkonen, Vettel and Massa were the fastest.
Nico Rosberg – 7.5 Who knows, perhaps in his subconscious he wanted to return the gift received in Montecarlo. Certainly, he was not very active in Qualifying, because 3 dec of outdistance are indeed a lot, and almost non-existent in race. When he tried to attack Hamilton, he was rejected.
Valtteri Bottas – 7.5 He optimized the full potential of his Williams, conquering an important podium.
Pastor Maldonado – 7 Despite the rumours, he brought Lotus important points.
Daniil Kvjat – 7 He is struggling in the midst of many difficulties and managed to respond to criticisms of the early season. He is proving to deserve the promotion.
Kimi Raikkonen –  5 He is the first of the insufficient. Good in Qualifying but in the race he was really disastrous. He did not optimize the potential of the Ferrari and the statements of Arrivabene are eloquent. He made a mistake not as world champion and not as a driver who seeks the reaffirmation
Let’s draw a veil over McLaren. Drivers tried to do their best, but they definitely get lost. With regards to teams:
Mercedes – 10 They did not get intimidated by internal mistakes and reacted with a new double
Williams – 8 They were present with a good podium of Bottas and a good recovery of Massa
Ferrari – 7.5 of encouragement. I did not see great benefits from the evolutionary steps of the engine. 45” from the winner are a lot and they show how winding is the road.
Lotus – 7 They were able to react to a negative moment.
Force India – 6.5 They took advantage of the moment, to take home important points.