It was a truly anonymous Grand Prix , with an embarrassing supremacy (once again) of Mercedes that win another double, leaving Bottas behind – the first of others – with 40″ of lead.

After scoring a new record of resistance by completing six grand prix with the same power unit, the Germans presented themselves in Montreal with an updated unit, whose results are seen even at Williams and Force India.

Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa moved last Sunday, with two nice comebacks that led the German driver to the fifth place (behind his teammate, who started in third position) and the Brazilian, who was in sixth. Seeing this comeback, Seb was missing and he could have worried (or at least try to) the duo Hamilton-Rosberg, giving Ferrari that podium missed by Raikkonen because of a failure on exiting the pit-box – greatly angering the Team Principal, Maurizio Arrivabene. It was a Grand Prix, which has passed quickly, even when the Safety Car was a frequent spectator (on track almost always).

Perfect race for Hamilton, after starting the weekend very nervous, with different errors between Friday and Saturday. Raikkonen did not used his Ferrari 100%, while, after the critical early season, Daniil Kvyat was ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, who was not at ease. Red Bull has taken steps forward, considering the chassis, while Renault is still in difficulty, as shown by the results of Toro Rosso.

The situation at McLaren was incomprehensible. It will be difficult for the Honda staff to justify a debacle like this at the top. We see no improvements. Indeed, the reliability is worsening, as evidenced by the double retirement.

Without any doubt (and as I support since too long time) this Formula 1 should “have a face-lift”, to regain its “appeal”. Maybe something starts to move. Meetings at McLaren may have opened to interesting solutions and the same Marchionne was in talks with Ecclestone.

Gian Carlo Minardi