F.1 – Italian Gp: THE POINT…by Gian Carlo Minardi

italia.jpg'The week-end in Monza was so “stressful” both for Ferrari and Fernando Alonso. After jinxing, saying that the Italian team had run 23 flawless Gps, we just have to admit that the last seven days have been so hard for Ferrari, starting from the Gp in Spa, going through free practices, qualifying and race in Monza.

It’s clear that, when in trouble, a real champion like Fernando had the ability to seize every good chance and managed to obtain good results. In the first laps he showed the real potential of Ferrari. Good start, followed by some important overtaking, showing that Saturday’s bad result was simply caused by a technical glitch. On Saturday the car could have clinched the pole and could have aimed for the win. 37 points lead over Hamilton may seem few, but they are a clear example of the team’ good performances. Massa did a good job throughout the week-end, as well. He suffered the overwhelming power of Fernando, but he’s just getting over his position inside the World Championship. The Brazilian driver took a good start and managed the car in a good way. He was such a good support to the team as a second leader. He scored many important points just in a moment in which the Italian team hasn’t decided about the future yet.
Besides the qualifying problem, the “Red from Maranello” proved to be more reliable than its competitors. That could be considered as a good advantage. The Red Bull has big problems to assert his supremacy as it did in the past, while Button pit stop’ mistake on the 23rd lap and the following withdrawal on the 32nd demonstrate the weakness of McLaren. Alonso himself has always considered Hamilton as his main rival. Despite that, they have to continue to work and find new strategies to be aggressive.
I was expected something more from the “ little ant Raikkonen” who managed to score important points thanks to which he got up to the standing’ third place, just one point away from Hamilton. His way of working can give him a great result. We’re living the most amazing World Championship ever. Good surprises can also come from those teams who are not striving for the World title, as the case of Perez. There are many different outsiders (Sauber, Force India, Williams, Mercedes) who can act as referees. The strategy of Peter Sauber’s team is really good. The car is so performant. It is clear that, if you don’t strive for the title, you can risk some strategies that can repay you with a podium. Perez gave maximum attention to the strategy, the tyres and the car. Now the Swiss team is fighting against Mercedes to obtain the fifth place in the constructors’ Championship. A great result for a team on a human scale: I identify myself in it. The Mercedes is a 2012 disappointment. Schumacher and Rosberg have maximized the car’ potential but we expected something more. They’re constantly fighting for the 5th-7th place.
Next venue will be Singapore. It’s a urban circuit where compounds will be different. We’re getting into the final part of the racing season. We leave behind a good Italian Gp, full of overtaking. As far as the battle Vettel vs Alonso is concerned, I do agree with the decision taken by Stewards. The German driver was very tough on the Spaniard. I’d like to highlight the seriousness with which Pirro imposed a penalty to Vettel. For 15 days FIA has been imposing a strict control on mistakes.
It’s important to be consistent and Pirro is a very good assistant of Stewards. I’d like to strengthen the importance of having the same way of thinking and a unique staff who will take decisions. Pirro is a good performer. He has raced for all categories and he’s a driver who has a deep knowledge of the last technology applied to F.1. In some cases FIA has relied on too veteran drivers, who were away from racing for such a long time.
To end up, I’d like to thank Monza and the Italian audience. Despite the miserable moment we’re facing, many Italian people didn’t miss this important event.
Gian Carlo Minardi