F.1 – Gp Belgium: THE POINT…by Gian Carlo Minardi

belgio.jpg'Unfortunately the Gp of Spa has been distorted by the accident caused by Grosjean who, just few metres after the start, has taken away the key players. This is not the first time things like that happen in Spa and it’s not even the first time the Frenchman do that. I think that the penalty imposed on him is so fair, as it’s not possible for a driver to make seven mistakes on twelve starts. I think that judges should have taken measures even before this happened.

I read many controversies about young drivers who should be more controlled. As a ACI CSAI Federation School and ACI Sport organiser, me and other coordinators are all working on that, but the results will be more clear in a year.
Going back to the race, the crash caused by the Lotus team driver has ruined a Gp which could be interesting also for the Ferrari supporters, especially if we consider Felipe Massa’ performances.
Fernando could have had a good performance and gain important points for the World title. After 23 good results, we would have expected a stop which would have narrowed the gap between him and the title contenders. Anyway, by now, the Ferrari team standard-bearer still can count on a good advantage.
With the famous “tyres game” Jenson Button has become competitive again, as he was in the previous Gps, using the same compounds. The English driver can manage them very well and he’s also well supported by an improving McLaren. Fernando himself sees Hamilton as the greatest threat, even if I think that we shouldn’t underestimate Lotus and Raikkonen. Last week-end they’ve been the Gp’ key players again, as they’ve been constant under all conditions.
The Finnish driver is more and more narrowing the gap with top drivers. If they are able to keep pace with top drivers in terms of development, they will rely on a good car, but they haven’t scored a win yet. Such a competitiveness could be a further indirect help to Alonso. By now we have 4 title contenders who are ready to steal points from each other. Then if we add Button to the contenders’ list, the final result will be even more uncertain.

In few days F.1 will be in Monza, where the track is so fast. Ferrari could have hard times down there, even if some aerodynamic amendments have been scheduled. It’s not an easy track, however Massa’ result could be hopefully good.
Teams will use the same compounds used in Spa, so this is the reason why a great fight between Lotus and McLaren is expected, but they have to pay attention to the first corner.
Gian Carlo Minardi