F.1 – Legends Parade: Pierluigi Martini “Time is as it he had stopped”

The Legends Parade is an appointment that is getting closer to the heart of all fans that experience the Austrian Grand Prix of Formula 1.

After the inaugural event last year, with the return of the Circus in the green heart of Styria, thanks to Red Bull and its owner, this year the event tied to the past has attracted the attention of fans, thanks to the presence of the turbo open-wheels of the ‘80s and the drivers that have made great this sport. Together with Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Lotus with the protagonists of that time (Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and Nelson Piquet, Riccardo Patrese, Gerhard Berger, Christian Danner and Jean Alesi), there could not miss the colours of the Minardi team.

Pierluigi Martini, at the wheel of the Minardi M186 of  the collector Mr. Frits Van Eerd, gave new life to the colors of the team founded by Gian Carlo Minardi and lasted for over 100 Gp. “It has been a fantastic event and I have immediately relived wonderful feeling. Once I get into in the cockpit, it was as if time had stopped. I felt young again“, Pierluigi Martini comments with enthusiasm.  “I have immediately felt at ease. What a pity not having been able to get the top speed, because after a few kilometres we gave a fireworks show with the explosion of our turbo engine “, Pierluigi says smiling. “It was really pleasant to laugh and joke with all the other drivers, recalling past events. Even the public response was fantastic. This is an experience to be repeated more often and these are the right initiatives that the public and the fans appreciate“.

Once again I have to congratulate Red Bull for the organization and for the success of this event which is entering by force in the hearts of fans“, Gian Carlo Minardi says, coming back from Austria.I had the chance to relive wonderful moments of my past, reviewing some cars that have colored the ‘80s with their drivers, along with those people who have made the history of motor racing, such as Mrs. Brenda, Secretary of Mr. Enzo Ferrari, or Paul Roche, the “father” of the BMW engines. A special thanks to a friend and the collector Mr. Frits Van Eerd for having made available to all fans and to Piero his Minardi M186“, concludes the manager Faenza.