F.1 – When rain changes the results

The checkered flag at the British Grand Prix marks two Mercedes, one Ferrari, two Williams in the top five positions, followed by Red Bull, two Force Indias (with the seventh place for Hulkenberg and the ninth for Perez), one Ferrari in the eighth place with Raikkonen and one McLaren, which closes the score zone.

To date, however, our view is very different, because the forces on track are dictated by the grid and by the positions before the arrival of the rain. We have one Mercedes that can rely on 8-9 dec of advantage on Williams, which rises to 1-1.2 sec against Ferrari. That’s to say: “ages”.

Talking about the race, without rain factor, the result would have been very different. Behind the two Mercedes there would be two Williams showing an intense battle between Vettel and Hulkenberg for the fifth place. Until then, the German driver of Force India was driving very well and he could trouble the compatriot of Maranello. The arrival of the rain and the ability of some drivers have changed the fate of the race. It must be expected that also drivers’ market can be influenced just by what we have seen on the track this weekend.