F.3 – An impressive Latifi got onto the podium in Imola

nicholas_latifi.jpg'Mission accomplished. At the international circuit of Imola, where the sixth race of the Italian F.3 European Series and the Italian F.3 took place last week-end, Nicholas Latifi got an extraordinary 2nd position in the sprint race, making it onto the podium for the first time in his career and marking his debut in the world of open wheels.

Started from the second row, the Italo-Canadian driver of the JD Motorsport team soon became the leader of the race, then gave the way to his more experienced rival and finished a flawless race, getting on the podium for the first time.
Finishing 4th and 6th in the 22’+1 lap race and in the 30’+1 lap race are two good results which just complete an amazing week-end at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari, where the young guy was the second best driver of the whole week-end.
In these months Nicholas Latifi has had the abilities to improve his performances race by race, climbing the starting grid so quickly and fighting against those drivers who are now contending for the final win and have a deeper knowledge of car and tracks.
With a haul of 37 points and 2 more races to run, Nicholas Latifi is now so close to the podium in the rookie’standing and got the 7th place in the Italian F.3 Championship and in the Italian F.3 European Series Championship.
NICHOLAS LATIFI: “Overall I am very satisfied with the way the weekend went. I had strong results in races 1 and 2 finishing 4th and 6th and in race 3 I finally made it onto the podium with a 2nd place finish. I managed to stay out of trouble the whole weekend and got through each race cleanly and in return got some solid results.”
DAVID TENNYSON (coach driver): “Nicholas’ performance at imola is another demonstration of his incredible natural talent. A podium finish in his first season of racing formula cars straight out of karts is an impressive accomplishment. I am very proud of his continued development and hard work on and off the track. I am confident his performances will continue to improve as he gains further experience and continues to develop his driving, understanding of the car and working with his team and engineer.”
GIOVANNI MINARDI ( sport advisor ): “ I’m really satisfied with Nicholas’ performance throughout the week-end. He’s improved after each session and in race-3 he got onto the second step of the podium, just finishing a flawless race. I think that he’s going to be one of those drivers who can “disturb” the trio who is fighting for the title by indirectly helping his team mate Agostini and by depriving rivals of scoring important points.