F. Abarth – Gian Carlo Minardi "Satisfied with the 23 car"

Minardi.jpg'This weekend at the Vallelunga circuit will turn on the first green light of the new season of Formula Abarth ACI CSAI, the second after the sensational debut in 2010. At Pier 23 will Taruffi the cars ready to battle it out along its 4085 meters, a number of important but certainly less than those made last year recorded.

The results of winter testing, from which they emerged with an absolute ruler, and 16 drivers contained in almost 2 sec., We predict a championship fight and a high level, explained the Gian Carlo Minardi “Students enrolled in the first round of Vallelunga are 23. This is certainly a number lower than the average of last season. It ‘no use hiding behind a finger. But we must remember that we are experiencing a difficult time economically and for this 23 car is a good result. It is hoped to be able to increase during the season, as between the first and second round there will be several weeks. Also do not forget that behind many leagues are competing car manufacturers with significant resources that are exploited for advertising. That said the quality of the league is shaping up as competitive as we were able to appreciate in recent tests. We have new entries that have been placed very well among the veterans, so if we can call them. There is also a high proportion rose represented by Italian and Vicky Piria Alessandra Brena and Saimin Gomez, who will be engaged only in the Euroseries “analyzes Minardi
After the successful first edition, the Formula Abarth has quadrupled: a European series was born, and thereafter, were born two production lines in China and Mexico “This is another positive sign, because if China and Mexico are considering F. Abarth means that Tatuss has designed a good product and that the CSAI made the right choices enhancing its championship. Obviously this can affect the number of participants. Many foreign pilots will choose to remain within national borders. It ‘s a risk of having to run and we knew it was right to move forward. It means giving the right value in time to the formula. Work is underway to give the greatest benefit to all these championships, perhaps giving rise to a super final. To date, however, is still too early to talk about this, “said the manager Faenza
The Federation has created a continuity to the “big sister”, the Formula 3 Italy through a prize in terms of money and material. The series puts on the Italian side of the scale € 50,000 for his sample, useful for the rest of the way to the F.3 Italy, hire an engine for FTP and 2 sets of tires for the F3 championship for second place and 2 sets of tires listing the F3 for the third. In addition to the FDA’s participation in the sample and the first of the Italians. For the sample, there are many Euroseries € 50,000 and participation in the ongoing FDA for the sample, 2 sets of tires for F3 for second place and entry to the F3 championship for the third. “As a Federation we believe that the best route to grow in the automotive career is to start from karting, through the ACI CSAI Formula 3 and Formula Abarth Italy which is the springboard to the most important categories. At this moment the national F3 also has the largest prize as the winner takes home the beauty of € 120,000, while the first rookie entitled to € 50,000. In addition, the top three winners in each event, we are up for grabs for the first € 3,500, € 2,500 and € 1,000 at 2 ° to 3 ° In addition, we must not forget the test at the wheel of the car of the Scuderia Ferrari. It was with the team from Maranello is consolidating an important collaboration that over the years will bring benefits to the pilots. Even on the F3 are defending our numbers, even if today is not easy to predict because the inscriptions are closed. In recent years we have proven to be well-prepared young people and we hope to confirm this season through the results of Ramos and Richelmi, ready to debut in WSR 3.5 where you have to deal with experienced pilots, including the champion of the F3 2009 Italy Daniel Zampieri”
The objective of the Federation of the important ones: bring back an Italian driver in Formula 1. In all these years our boys have shown they have nothing to envy my colleagues across the border, as shown by results on the track in different leagues. Unfortunately the results in motor sports are not enough, but more often must be accompanied by a suitcase full of dollars. The weakness of our children is precisely this aspect, since the Italian companies traditionally do not support and invest in the career of the young “Big business has no interest in using our samples to promote their brands, which it happens regularly in other countries. In Italy we have “mother Ferrari” that magnet on himself, for better or for worse, all the media attention and investors. This obviously takes away the sap, even if today we are seeing a turnaround, with the Prancing Horse pledged to invest in young people through the FDA. The situation in Formula 1 reflects very well the situation of our league “says Gian Carlo Minardi