GP2 – Davide Rigon "The GP2 at a pace"

rigon.jpg'Closed in parentheses testing positive collective GP2 Davide Rigon is preparing the final details for the new season. Even if there is no final confirmation Venetian talent could arise again on the GP2 grid alongside a team from our own, with the aim to remove the brackets a little lucky in 2009. The premises are certainly important as demonstrated by the results in the Barcelona test where the Superleague Formula is placed on top of the standings behind only “veteran” Valsecchi.

After a long winter you came back to lead
I am very glad I Tonato driving regularly in the two sessions of collective testing of GP2. The Dallara is a car that gives great satisfaction to and after driving the Formula 1 car is the most powerful, that you can bring the best to the limit.
In just four rounds you did a great escalation that led up to second place. What kind of work did you do between Silverstone and Barcelona
Silverstone was my first encounter with the car and the Pirelli tires. It was important to find the right feeling with the car and team, without going to the search for performance. The weather conditions then were not even in favor. In Barcelona, but I was more calm and sure of myself because I knew the reactions of the car and I had learned to take temperatures in the tires. We worked on the performance without losing the view of tire wear in races.
What differences have you found between the Dallara 2009 and 2011 and between Bridgestone and Pirelli?
The new GP2 has more efficient aerodynamics. It has more load and is more stable in the rear and detached. Even I find it faster on the straights. On the Italian tire compounds are performing very well in the lap if it is not easy to bring temperatures in the right way to go and not wear out. Personally I am much better with the Pirelli rather than the “Japanese.” Are better suited to my style of Judah.
At this point in the season what are your plans?
My goal is GP2. Of course I’m talking to the Scuderia Coloni settlers with whom I was very good and they were also happy with my work. We are finalizing the details and now we are all it takes to introduce ourselves together on the grid.
In 2009 you ran every race of the GP2 without knowing whether you would continue your adventure in the league. This year, however what are your expectations?
Absolutely different. In the GP2 championship selective as it is useless to start with the goal of making only a few races. One needs to start having all the cards on the table and a team that is willing to work together to achieve important objectives. Doing well GP2 could open important doors. Unfortunately in 2009 I had the confidence to run even after the weekend. For it was impossible to make a work plan.
You might be present on the grid with a new title in his pocket. What is your goal?
Do not hide the fact that the ambitions of those are important, winning the title. It will be important to start winning some races, trying to remain constantly at the top. Manage the races in the championship.
With the new year, the Ferrari has given you the opportunity to try before the 150 ° to Vairano and then the F2009 at Mugello. What kind of collaboration you’re carrying on with the Scuderia Ferrari?
My work with Ferrari is for the simulator. I try to give as much information and I’m sure being able to race in GP2 I can be even more precise. In addition they are giving me the great chance to drive one of their cars on the track. F1 is in itself an emotion, then I can fall inside the car from Maranello is something indescribable, and for the machine to all the people around you.