F1 | 2016 final scorecard with the surprise Force India

Mercedes – 10 with honors winning 19 of 21 scheduled grand prix race. It is the result of an absolute supremacy, irrefutable and unconditioned. Spain and Malaysia were lost because of two mistakes.

Red Bull – 9 despite a slow start, they managed to recover in the standings till the second position, becoming maker of a new move in the environment with the promotion of Vertappen at the detriment of Kwyat, an action repayed with the Dutch driver’s success in Spain. Max has also become the youngest driver to win a F1 race. A record difficult to beat. They also defeated Maranello concerning the drivers, with the third place of Ricciardo behind of Rosberg and Hamilton.

Ferrari – 6.5 after the second place last year, we expected more. No victory, no start from the first row, third place in the constructors’ world championship, behind of red Bull and a booty of 11 podia. Little for Ferrari. We hope the third place conquered by Vettel in Abu Dhabi can be a good auspice for a more intriguing show in 2017.

Force India – 9 it is surely the true surprise in this championship. Perez and Hulkenberg supported by a good car managed to reach an incredible result for a team with few economic resources. The fourth place (173 points) ahead of Williams, the first ones after the top teams. The seventh absolute place of Perez is the evidence of their excellent season. Year by year, they managed to grow till reaching this unexpected result, in spite of their great economic and managerial problems.

Williams – 6,5 it made its task, closing the season with the fifth place that guarantees a good economic return. Till the end, Massa made things difficult for Bottas who next year will have to face a rookie who imposed himself in every the championship that he raced. Now Stroll has to prove to deserve such an important seat.

McLaren – 6 compared to their disastrous 2015, they managed to make a good step ahead. After all the changes made within the team, next year will be crucial. We hope that the new regulations can contribute to bring back up both the team and Honda and remake an historic union that donated a lot of successes.

Toro Rosso – 6 they close the season with the seventh place, even if at the beginning their ambitions were different. They have surely paid the price of a dated power-unit. As we saw, especially in qualifying, in spite of a good shell. The team has the potential to fight for the fifth place.

Renault – 5 an uncolored season. It was a transient year waiting for a more strong 2017 thanks to the contribution that Nico Hulkenberg will be able to bring.

Sauber – with a kidney hit and thanks to the Brazilian adverse conditions, they managed to save the season by “tearing off” some points and important money from Manor which is about to do a new transfer of shares. New technicians and capitals will reach Hinwil. They could redeem a difficult year, also supported by the Ferrari 2016 power-unit.