F1 | Abu Dhabi GP – Minardi “Hamilton should be fired”

Besides ignoring a team order, Lewis Hamilton used strong words against Mercedes both before the race and on the Abu Dhabi podium. A behavior noticed by Toto Wolff’s entourage.
Lewis is putting himself ahead of the team. He ignored a clear order, and anarchy does not work in any environment” declared the Team Principal who recalls he left the drivers fighting each other all the season.
Words and behaviors that continue to divide the paddock.I do not agree with, not accept, and not approve the words said by Lewis Hamilton in pre-race and on the podium in any way. A driver is not allowed to criticize and judge the work of his employer pointing his finger at the mistakes and reliability problems, especially when the team put the drivers in condition to fight openly – Gian Carlo Minardi remarks – If I were Toto Wolf, I would leave him at home.
Sports teaches us that there are always favorable and adverse events, which are also determined by the Fortune. Rosberg himself was victim of subjective, not objective, decisions made by commissioners who deprived him of important points. He has had an unbeatable car for all the season and little imperfections have made the difference. Lewis lost the world championship for just five points at the end of a 21 races long season. It is better for him to examine himself because he has some responsibilities. One should be more gentleman”, the manager from Faenza concludes.