F1 | After-Rosberg. Possible scenarios

Nico Rosberg’s retirement arrived like a bolt from the blue sky and involves not just Mercedes, but its paddock as well.

We are talking about of the best car in the last years that conquered three constructors’ and drivers’ world titles in as many seasons. We are talking about a team that has technically managed his drivers in an excellent way, letting them free to fight on the track.

As I have already said in the last days, I completely agree with Nico Rosberg’s choice, as I criticized Lewis Hamilton’s words and behavior.

Right now, we have understand what strategies the brand is going to follow. I see three possible scenarios:

Scenario 1 – Hamilton with a young driver: my DNA has always led me to cooperate with young drivers, and thus I would particularly agree with this path, especially because Mercedes has at home two young drivers like Esteban Ocon and Pascal Wehrlein. To date, the French driver has signed with Force India to take the place of Nico Hulkenberg passed to Renault.

Scenario 2 – Hamilton and a top driver: it is the solution strongly backed by Niki Lauda. A path that brought a lot of successes and world titles to Stuttgart. Just to name a few, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel – despite the statements of facts -.

Scenario 3 – Hamilton and a second driver: in Ferrari style with Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa. In this case, the right name could be the standard bearer at William’s, Valtteri Bottas (managed by Toto Wolff).

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Considering the superpower of Mercedes, it is a no so impracticable path. I have never hidden it. I have not appreciated Lewis Hamilton’s expressions of opinion and behaviour, I found them detrimental toward the technical and sport image of his team. With Rosberg’s retirement, Toto Wolff &C. could decide to turn a blind eye on, anyway Hamilton’s layoff could open incredible scenarios. We are talking about a fictional drivers market, but in this moment Mercedes is the only team that could afford it.