F1, Australian GP – SCORECARDS

We watched a funny grand prix that hasn’t still displayed us the real forces in the field.Rosenberg won ahead of Hamilton, signing the first Mercedes double-win, ahead of Vettel’s Ferrari.

Nico Rosberg – 9 despite a mistake on Saturday and an early weekend dominated by Hamilton, he didn’t succumb but managed to make a better start than that of the English driver. His race was exemplary even if the strategy and the safety car “helped” him.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 he could have been discouraged by his gap in qualifying, but during the race he optimized every resource of his Ferrari with a flash start. The Weather and temperatures dictated the strategy based on Soft and Super Soft tires.

Romain Grosjean – 7,5 bringing a rookie car to the sixth place is a feat. I congratulate the whole team.

Daniel Ricciardo -7 he never gives up. His Red Bull has an excellent frame even if it pays a penalty for its Power-Unit.

Carlos Sainz -7 I watched Toro Rosso carefully. A family fight is beginning. I hope they can handle this in the better way. The Spanish driver made a good race and in Q2 was faster than his team-mate. I don’t get why Verstappen would had to pass ahead.

Max Verstappen -6,5 surely he proved to keep up with the situation, but he looked too nervous and at the limit of fair play with his statements on the Radio.

Felipe Massa – 6,5 in both qualifying and race, he handled the weekend to his advantage bringing to Williams a lot of points and winning the comparison with his young team mate who has to prove to be a first guide.