WSK, Sarno – Basz “After pole position, another weekend ruined by accidents"

At the International circuit in Sarno, stage of the second event of the WSK Super Master Series, Karol Basz, at the wheel of his Kosmic Racing material, had started with a peremptory pole position in the OK category, going on with an excellent third place in Qualifying Heats.

These results, besides proving the great technical value of the Polish driver that is also a great sprinter, made us hope for an exciting weekend after the regret for the final at “7 laghi” fifteen days ago when he happened to be in the middle of a carom between Sergeant and Van Leeuwen. However, once again all the preparation work and the fine-tuning were frustrated by the impetuosity of young drivers.

In Sarno, Karol had the chance to work as a supervisor and coach for the very young Andrea Antonelli, protagonist of Mini.

Another unlucky weekend, after an excellent qualifying with a pole position and the third place in Heats. Unfortunately, Pre-final and Final went bad, not as we expected. I can only wait the next event at La Conca”, Karol Basz regretfully comments.

There is not much to say, unfortunately. On one hand, I am very glad to see how this guy is strong. He is always ahead, ready to fight for an important result. After pole position, he has also gained the third place in Qualifying Heats. Unluckily, the whole work made by Karol and by the Kosmic Racing was frustrated by a too impetuous young driver”, Alberto Tonti comments from the Minardi Management.

Photo: Alexandros Vernardis/The Racebox