F1 | Austrian GP– Preview

We are back to talk about Formula 1, after the time travel with the Historic Minardy Day in Imola. I take the opportunity to thank again everybody for the numerous presence in the paddock and on the grandstands. It has been such exciting to find how much the passion for the Minardi Team is still alive.

We get to Austria, into a historic circuit that managed to adapt itself to the new standards by growing exponentially and by reaching an audience ready to crowd the fields with tents, to spend the weekend eating and drinking all together. With its 4326 m, it is a short but demanding circuit. Especially at its first bend that is very insidious. Historically speaking, it is animated by weather conditions and we can have some downpours in the upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

Mercedes is still unbeaten, with a Ferrari looking for its identity, a Red Bull that usually does not manage to capitalize his potential and a Williams that goes with some up and downs. The new asphalt could represent an unknown for tires. Pirelli will bring tires Soft, Super Soft, and Ultra Soft. If we analyze team’s choices, we can notice some differences. At Mercedes, Hamilton and Rosberg have chosen 8 Ultra Soft tire compounds against 9 at Ferrari. A different strategy for Ricciardo and Verstappen who will have at their disposal just 7 “violet” sets.

Regarding RB, the confirmation of both drivers for the next two seasons is a surprise to me. A choice that bars the way to the Toro Rosso standard-bearers, changing the line followed to date. An estrangement signal from the satellite stable? Given the difficulties of some teams, Sauber and Force India in the first place, Ecclestone would like to review the division of television royalties. Again many topics. We have just to sit and see what will happen.