F1 | Austrian GP, SCORECARDS

Max Verstappen – 9 he deserve the highest mark, thanks to an extraordinary race. Once again, he proved to be a racing bulldog in spite of his mistake on Friday.

Jenson Button – 8 thanks to his struggle, in spite a low-performing McLaren. A sixth place that counts as a victory.

Pascal Wehrlein 8, a point that is worth gold for him and for the little Manor that excluded Sauber from the top ten.

Lewis Hamilton – 8 good at the start. This time he did not any mistakes. I know to be against the tide, but I have not liked the play towards Rosberg, especially because it arrived at the last lap. This time, the luck backed him, and he brought the win home.

Kimi Raikkonen – 7 once again he completed his task without being trenchant. He gained the podium, thanks to the others. He never assaulted Verstappen seriously and when he tried to do so, he found the Dutch driver’s defense.

Romain Grosjean – 6,5 he is not in a winning team, but he took advantage of the occasion, bringing Haas important points for the championship.

Nico Rsberg – 6,5 I know to be against the tide, but in my opinion the fault must be split with Hamilton. Anyway, Nico have to start thinking to the world championship. A second place would have guaranteed him a more important booty in terms of points.

Daniel Ricciardo – 6 he definitely lost in the comparison with his teammate.

Felipe Massa – 6, the race of the Brazilian driver has been uncolored and little trenchant. He is definitely different compared to a year ago.

Nico Hulkenberg – 5 after an amazing qualifying, he lost his way during the race. It is a pity.

Sebastian Vettel – without judgement. He had some problems in the weekend and the tire explosion at race is not his fault. Anyway, a champion with his experience should intervene in team choices.