F1 | Austrian GP – THE POINT

A fascinating grand prix with coups de théâtre up to the last lap. Rosberg managed to lead, from the sixth place, and tasted the win. At the last lap, he arrived a little bit late because of the fact that he had little oxygen in term of tires. Anyway, I found Hamilton’s maneuver quite aggressive. As we are writing, there is an ongoing investigation and I hope that no penalty will arrive. These are race accidents and normality in a race like this one.

If they want a penalty, they should distribute it equally between both Mercedes standard-bearers, giving the victory to a great Verstappen who, once again, gave us some amazing overtaking, setting himself in third, settling in third place and finishing the race in second place thanks to the contact that saw both Mercedes drivers as protagonists.

Still out of shape Ferrari that has definitely hazarded too much in trying to nullifying its stratospheric gap with Mercedes by keeping Vettel on track too long. This way, the German driver saw his rear tire exploding at the 27th lap. Nothing in particular came from a not very aggressive Raikkonen. In the Final, he failed to annoy Verstappen in trouble with his tires that had already covered 55 laps.

At Mercedes, Toto Wolff will struggle to calm everyone down. The relationship between Nico and Lewis is at a historical low. We can expect a boiling July with 4 grand prix in just 5 weekends.

On one side, it is good to come back on track immediately, even if there is no time to calm everyone down. A very different state of mind at McLaren, Haas and Manor that gain important points. Very good Jenson Button that managed to optimize his tires and his car, bringing them to the finish line in sixth.ahead of Grosjean and Sainz.  Manor gains his first world point thanks to Pascal Wehrlein outdoing  Sauber.

* At the end of the race, Nico Rosberg had a 10″ penalization that earn  that enarn him the fourth place at the finish line.