F1-Engine Puzzle: Everything postponed until Frankfurt Motor Show

To complete the puzzle of the tangled Motor issue, particularly connected with Red Bull Racing team, only  the last  two  pieces seemed to last.  The week-end of Monza’s GP has been stage of some meetings, not just about the renewal of the contract between the circuit and Mr. E, but also about the supply of PU to Dietrich Mateschitz’s teams. The time available to make a decision is passing inexorably and Adria Newey has begun to press.

Helmut Marko and Christian Horner encountered the top brass at Ferrari to seek a technical solution for 2016. However much will depend on Renault that is engaged in the purchase of Lotus for its comeback in F1’s front-line, not just as an engine provider.
According to the last rumors considering the purchase of Lotus very likely, the French Constructor will publicize his purposes only after the Frankfurt motor show scheduled from 19 to 27 September. So, the event of an agreement between Red Bull and Mercedes is called into question.
Ferrari declared itself available to supply its PU to Toro Rosso and Red Bull, even if everything will depend on what Renault is going to do. Positions that were clear have been complicating.  Mercedes Motorsport has never been sure about supply such a troublesome team like Red Bull Racing. Instead, The Management of Mercedes would look kindly upon a partnership with such a juvenile brandGian Carlo Minardi analyzes. “According to the last rumors everything is postponed until the end of the Frankfurt Motor Show”.

Red Bull racing is now in a thorny position: it can guarantee a young and attractive brand but it is also a fearful competitor being in F1 to win.