Kart – Matteo Nannini "My week-end ruined by contacts"

The troubled relationship between Matteo Nannini and Adria Karting Raceway, stage of the Italian national Rok final, goes on.  At the  Rovigo’s circuit the young kart driver from Forlì, color-bearer of RB Racing in the Junior Rok, attempted to achieve the Italian title standing out since the free practice. He reached his group’s top positions stopping the chronometer a few tenths of a seconds from the pole position.

What ruined and affected his result  was a  contact that leads him to finish  the Pre-final in the 16th place. Then he suffered a 10″ penalization inflicted by commisioners and he fell to the 26th place. In the final, Matteo attempted a  prompt payback, but after recovering some positions a new contact led him to complete  the race out of the to 20.

Surely it isn’t the week-end I wished for. I like this track a lot, but once again the result has been affected by a contact. The kart has been working in a good way and this is the important thing in view of upcoming races.Now I want to leave this final behind and look to the futureMatteo Nannini comments.