F1 | European GP, Baku – THE POINT

Critics and insiders have prized the circuit in Baku and its first Grand Prix. Surely, compared to what we watched in GP2 with the double win, pole-position, and fastest lap accomplished by an excellent Antonio Giovinazzi, we would have expected a more animated race. Contrary to predictions, all the drivers have been very capable because Baku has proved to be a demanding and atypical track, considering its length of six km and the very high speed reached (more than 375 km/h at the end of the long straight).

An impeccable Nico Rosberg signs the pole position and the win, managing to keep far away his competitors. Red Bull payed its technical choice betting everything on qualifying and went missing. Well Ferrari that after sacrificing Saturday’s free practice, made its best in race with the excellent second place of Sebastian Vettel. Another amazing race for Sergio Perez that completed the podium, in spite of an economically troubled Force India, he exploited at his best both his Mercedes engine and the shell, blacking Nico Hulkenberg out. The German car company has placed six cars in the first ten positions.

Weekend out of shape, instead, for Lewis Hamilton. Protagonist of numerous mistakes in qualifying that have also jeopardized the result in race. He did not match up with his prize list, but brought home important points for the Championship.

As I have stressed in the first part, I must congratulate Antonio Giovinazzi for his two wins in GP2. In race 2 he was protagonist of an exemplar recover, performing an extraordinary overtaking in the final that worth him the second success in the weekend. Surely, he is ready for Formula 1.

I want just to invite you next Saturday at the Circuit of Imola for the Minardi Day, a sport day devoted to all aficionados and fans. In this day, we will have the chance to watch a lot of Formula 1 cars on track and more than 50 cars from the World Championship thanks to the exhibition “From Minardi to Toro Rosso” that retraces over 30 years of passion. Everyone is invited.