F1 | European GP – Preview

Formula 1 is getting ready to come in Baku, onto an anomalous circuit, 6000 meters length that make it one of the longest in the World Championship and a straight of over 2 kms where incredible speeds will be reached , more than 340 km/h, to face then hard braking. The old city’s segment is also marked out with a very tight street, 7 meters without any space for mistakes.

These are all the unknowns that lead to a grand prix rich in surprises and to a variety of possible results in which the safety car could work overtime. Doing any predictions is difficult, or impossible, because we have no reference points. Surely, a well-performing car as Mercedes gives an advantage to its drivers who will have to focus mainly on the track. As usual, the attention will focus on Ferrari that comes from a not easy moment, excluding its second place in Montreal. They will have to keep working to get close to Hamilton and Rosberg, paying attention to a growing Red Bull. Matching up to Nico Rosberg in Canada, Verstappen proved all his worth once again. Unfortunately, in this moment, at Ferrari there is only Sebastian Vettel.

The other unknowns are the tires. Even in this case, Mercedes and Ferrari have chosen two different strategies. Pirelli will bring Medium, Soft, and Super Soft tire compounds. Vettel and Raikkonen will have at their disposal 7 sets of SuperSoft, 5 of Soft, and 1 set of Medium, instead Hamilton and Rosberg played a card with 8 sets of SuperSoft.