F1 | Ferrari, be careful. Red Bull took wing

 The Spanish Gran Prix, fifth event of the World Championship, gave strong and clear signals about the powers on the field. On the one hand, we had the demonstration of the astonishing power of Mercedes (if we needed it), on the other hand, Ferrari did not manage to exploit the golden occasion, and Red Bull, in a strong growth, got the better of it.

In the first four events, the Silver Arrows tried to minimize the gap, but the incredible time achieved by Lewis Hamilton in Barcelona’s qualifying showed all its supremacy.Since it became a testing room for F1, Montmelò represents a good testbed for sensing the trend of the season, and Red Bull has confirmed its positive moment, proving to have a clear program that was built on paying choices, also relating to commercial aspects, thanks to Verstappen’s first seal.

Ferrari, instead, is living a hard time and the second place in the world championship could be not so sure. Now, we are getting closer to Monte Carlo with many unknowns.