WSK | Karol Basz , king of Andria

Toughened up after the success in the German championship at Wackersdorf and in the inaugural event of the European CIK-FIA at Zuera, Karol Basz has played the three of a kind and dominated the scene at the circuit of Adria that hosted the last event of the WSK Super Master Series.

The Minardi Management’s coached Polish driver has gifted the color of the Kosmic Racing a clear success gaining not only the Final but also the first position in Pre-Final, after ending three rounds of Heat qualifying with a second place and two wins.It is an important accomplishment for the World Champion in view of the next European Ok event that will take place exactly at the Adria International Raceway.

“An extraordinary result and three wins in a month. It was a great weekend. We kept an excellent pace ending an important work and our program in view of the next European event here at Adria”, Karol Basz says enthusiastically.

A clear success that started in the first rounds and ended with two victories in Pre-Final and Final. A great way to end the WSK Super Master Series in view of continuing, in two weeks, our path in the European Championship in which we’ll be at the top of the overall standings. Last weekend, Karol had the chance to make some tests, and I saw a very focused and determined driver. Congratulation to Oliver Marechal and all the Kosmic Kart for their great job”, manager Alberto Tonti comments on.

Photo: Alexandros Vernardis/The Racebox