F1 | Gian Carlo Minardi “2018 a crucial year” – Part II

2018 will not only be a crucial year on the driver front (as we discussed in recent days), but also on the motor front. On the one hand Mercedes will line up at the start with a completely redesigned power-unit and on the other Ferrari, Renault and above all Honda will have the task of making an important leap forward to fight the German dreadnought.

The task will be even harder with the new regulations since the motors available for each driver will be only three which, in a season made up of twenty one rounds, equals a cover of seven grands prix each before hitting the penalties barrier.

Last season Maranello laid the foundations for trying to open a winning cycle, even though they paid a heavy price with reliability in the second part of the season (together with some errors by its drivers), having to take a step back by sacrificing performance.

We find the principal new developments in McLaren and Toro Rosso which were the protagonists of an exchange. After three markedly disappointing seasons Honda moved to Faenza which freed its place at Woking to be taken by Renault.

“With the current regulations the power unit is a deciding factor in the final result and seven grands prix for each PU represent an incredible sword of Damocles. Mercedes is working with a completely new motor and I hope that Maranello will be able to keep up the pace. From what we have heard Ferrari’s new chassis was born under a better star and I hope that the power unit will also be up to the task. With last season’s five wins they set the foundation to continue to grow and to try an open a winning cycle, even if it is not easy against this Mercedes” commented Gian Carlo Minardi.

“As well as the Ferrari-Mercedes challenge it will also be very interesting to follow the Renault-Honda exchange. For the first time Faenza will have an official motor and such a long term programme can only benefit the team which now finds itself in excellent condition to better plan and programme the new (and future) cars. In recent years they were forced to work with motors that were not latest generation and without the continuity of supply by said constructor. It is a situation I know all too well since in other occasions we found ourselves in November without the certainty of a motor for the following year, continued the manager from Faenza

“For other reasons the magnifying glass will also be Renault which will be called to improve last year’s sixth position and also the performance of its motor (which it will still supply also to Red Bull) and Force India with the Mercedes engine which was the protagonist of an exemplary season that ended in fourth place for the second consecutive year” concluded Gian Carlo Minardi.