F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "Customers cars? No thanks"

minardi.jpg'Formula 1 is back to talk to customers cars. This time to raise the voice is none other than Bernie Ecclestone supports the idea of Ferrari. To date, however, the proposal does not seem to have gathered acclaim across teams, especially at home Red Bull McLaren who in recent days have expressed their negative opinion.

Same idea, even a name that has contributed to the history of motor sport and he knows very well the world’s largest circus with over 20 years of Formula 1, as Gian Carlo Minardi
“Even today, as in the past are contrary to this decision because I do not think it’s the right way to go for the championship and try to revitalize interest in Formula 1 by increasing the number of participants. It is not so automatic entrust to a team (either F1, GP2 and GP3) a complex vehicle, created for winning performance, as a car today. If there was a possibility of buying a car should be the choice on cars with their performances enliven the championship winning car with a philosophy born in both the construction and extreme, particularly in the management of the individual. This of course does not favor the costs that will certainly be low. Do not just buy and put on the track in a Ferrari, a Red Bull or a McLaren to be winning “analyzes Gian Carlo Minardi
“For a part of my story I had as a partner Flavio Briatore, with whom we caused the accounts to assess the technical synergies that could come from Benetton. Even then we saw that it was not a viable option as a matter of budget and management costs. For this reason the Minardi team maintained its independence constructive. Today we have the example Red Bull – Red Bull. Since the team from Faenza has taken its way, designing and cloning of the Red Bull cars, with the same investment has achieved excellent results, “concluded the manager Faenza