F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "Compliments FIA"

giancarlo_minardi.jpg'In these days International Automobile Federation president, Jean Todt, has submitted a new proposal that will be for the benefit of young people and testers.

The basic idea is to give more space to young forcing teams to deploy them during the first practice session on Friday morning. News that is certainly pleased to Gian Carlo Minardi, who for years has been fighting to return to Formula 1 such talented riders battle it out every Sunday in the preliminary categories
“I read this news in a positive way because the FIA ​​must protect the interests of the stables, but also the suppliers of the pilots. Just now the latter are most affected, “said Gian Carlo Minardi,” Of course, this proposed research is open to riders with luggage as well as those that in preliminary categories were put on display through victories and titles. On Friday morning we have the worst track conditions and therefore could emerge as rookie. Certainly could be an important route to go. On Friday morning would become a school of life, sports and technology.
Just in the past from this session came out important drivers for Formula 1. Crusades have often done in this direction. Keep in mind that today we have a loss of interest in the world and there is need for new blood and new characters. The F1 now is too uptight. And ‘no doubt that only the team on a budget relies on pilots more or less valid, but most of the teams that make up the grid point on the experience. You can not accuse them as with the current rules you can not raise the pilots. Today, the testers go around with the aircraft and know the circuit going around the track on foot This is not for the benefit of the sport. It is not boycotting or penalizing the drivers who are fighting costs ”
The project of the President of the Federation also plans to divide the three hours of free practice on Friday in three sessions of 60 minutes each, “The idea of ​​dividing the three hours in three shifts would make better use of time and, in case of accident, to give teams time to fix the car, “concluded Gian Carlo Minardi