F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "We need to return to the Friday practice for the rookies"

Minardi.jpg'The engines of the cars are still all green lights turned off and the first of the season is still far away, but despite this there is already a negative note, and somewhat worrying that concerns our country. Unless sensational twists in the next Formula 1 World Championship will be all the tricolor on the shoulders of one pilot Jarno Trulli.

To try to clarify this situation we decided to reach the beginning of this year Gian Carlo Minardi, who during a long militancy in the racing world and in the World, at the head of his Minardi team, has focused more heavily on young people. The manager Faenza has very clear ideas on the subject and the two cornerstones on which to act are two: return to the Friday practice dedicated to rookies trying to change laws and help businesses that choose to invest in the world of sport.
“As long as there are riders on the team link only with a suitcase, it is clear that our children will always start with disadvantages. We should go back to the Friday practice by requiring each team to run for at least one of two sessions with a rookye. Do not forget that from these sessions have come to the fore the new world champion Sebastian Vettel (at the wheel of BMW) and the Pole Robert Kubica. It ‘clear that the rookie will request a sponsorship, but the figures speak affordable, compared to 10-15 million who are now required in order to ensure a seat. In recent years, those teams that are missed, such as Minardi, focused purely on the young. Now all the incoming economic privilege only to what may be the result on the track.
It ‘no use to hide behind a finger: right now the only way that can rehabilitate and re-start the young drivers, and especially those from our own, is that the tests on Friday morning. All the teams would be put on the same level for that hour and a half. In doing so the team would be required to make selections for the pilot in question must be able to give some positive indications on the development of the car. I continue to insist on this road. Back in 1996 I asked that certain parts of the machines were standard, such as engines, transmissions and tires. Only in 2007-2008 did we get here. Maybe in 10-12 years we will remember that F1 is not just from the big carmakers. Today we are at the end of a cycle of some pilots who will soon go into forced retirement. Who will take their place? Without test days you can not find a replacement for Rubens Barrichello, Schumacher, Webber and Trulli.
Any rider who arrives in F1 does not have the necessary experience. There looks to the world after only three test sessions: we have seen just last year in Williams home where 90% of the points were taken from Rubens Barrichello and Nico now have a Hulkemberg who is forced to watch or to do third driver. I do not think it’s cool and fair, although I understand that the choice of stable, charts in hand, won the points thanks to the Brazilian. At this point the second seat must be occupied by a driver who is bringing a large amount of money (see Maldonado) you pay the novitiate experience. Returning to the tests instead of Friday it would prepare pilots know that at the end of ski season, car and team. I am not inventing anything new. “Comment Gian Carlo Minardi.
The second aspect is analyzed by Minardi on the financial front, where the government should find more to help businesses decide to invest in sport “Finally there is also to emphasize a different matter, although it is much more complicated. The government should make laws that safeguard the companies that invest in sport, as happens in other countries. The example we can see it there all. Today arrive in F1 drivers who have their state benefits because they represent the country by promoting, or because they are backed by big business which in turn may enjoy an advantage.
Do not forget that without the sponsorship automobiles, and sports in general, would not go forward. This will safeguard a large number of jobs. I will not venture to the figures but I believe we are over 200.00 people that are working around the world of motor sport.
The races are not only fun Sunday of “spoiled children” but behind it there is a whole world of factories, large and small entrepreneurs and artisans. The 2 and 4 wheels are flying a very important for the economy: only during a weekend of an Italian championship is being moved between 2000 and 2500 people over the weekend bring money into the cities (hotels, shops, restaurants …) . concludes Gian Carlo Minardi