F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "The simulator as the wind tunnel. Indispensable"

Minardi.jpg'They are busy days for the Formula 1 teams. After a long winter spent in the factories, wind tunnels and simulators it is time to sharpen their weapons ahead of the first round of the season, scheduled for the weekend of ‘April 11-13 on the track in Bahrain.

The Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia is the hall of honor for the christening of the new cars in the first of four rounds of collective testing organized by the stables. When it comes to Formula 1, it can not miss the voice that for more than 20 years held the honor and Italian flags. That’s why our microphones reached at his home in Faenza, Gian Carlo Minardi
“From what I can see and read on the Internet, which has become the most commonly used to make information, we have machines that more or less resemble one another and all who depart from a 2010 project, despite the innovations introduced special regulations. “Analyzes Gian Carlo Minardi
“In these first three days of testing at Valencia track teams will try to develop those that are new, one wing on all mobile and KERS. In this first test no one will reveal exactly your trump cards, not to give benefits to the opponents before the official debut in the race in Bahrain. It will work based on reliability. It ‘s definitely difficult, if not impossible, to deliver the first reviews. It will be a very busy month and as we get closer to the time the teams will alternate the various X news, before the final exam.
We come from a very intense during the winter which is changing the way of developing the cars. Not being able to try, and once again I stress my disappointment towards this policy because there is no sport in the world where you do not preparation or training, is becoming increasingly important to use the simulator, a tool that comes from the world of aeronautics . Today, patents are awarded where 80% of the practice is carried out through this instrument. The motoring slowly getting closer. Who is better at reproducing the reality of the simulator will have an advantage. Do not forget that among the innovations, there is also the advent of Pirelli tires. The advent of mortgage you can compare the arrival of the wind tunnel.
I have experienced first hand that time, because I’m part of a generation that had to understand a little ‘to what was once the wind tunnel. Since then, technology has made great strides and the wind tunnel is crucial for the study of new cars. Within a few years then we will have a simulator that will be able to replicate with precision the reality, “concluded the former manufacturer of Faenza.