F1 – GP Abu Dhabi: THE POINT …. of Gian Carlo Minardi

win.jpg'Honor to the winner. At the end of a thrilling World won the strongest rider with the best car, even though his team was not error free. Most likely without all those episodes would have won the championship with 100 points higher on other opponents. The security and certainty of having the best car in his hands gave him the opportunity to take risks, leading to the success of their pilot.

This year, they signed 15 pole positions (19 on weekends) and 10 of these bear the name of Sebastian Vettel. Nowadays, the result is realistic and rewarding the team with the fastest car and performance and the pilot was able to make the best possible means available to him. Perhaps the most errors are due to their own strength. In contrast, in Ferrari’s mistakes are the result of their weakness.
On the front of the Prancing Horse the F10 has proven much less a car at Red Bull and McLaren, and perhaps the team could play better on the mistakes of others. But hope that the men in red can coldly analyze the reason which led to this result, not only due to a strategy is not perfect. To my mind the many errors that were committed are the result of a car not on top. The pilots were forced to always drive over the limit, as the team itself. The strategies can be read on Sundays in this way. The real value is expressed by the Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso not that put us its also in Abu Dhabi with third place in qualifying. It is not easy work and ride with the awareness of having to give 110% every time looking for the perfect start to be able to keep pace with others.
Sunday would have had to play only the end result and, in my opinion, it was almost impossible not to at least fourth place. Talking about footballing played “man” brand strictly Webber is left free to go online Vettel. They should have a run on themselves, without looking at others, bringing home as many points as possible. Beyond the departure of Alonso was not too exciting, however, unlikely to be the fourth and was installed by others.
Now, we go on designing a machine that could retrieve a gap of five who accused dec chastely in 2010. It will not be easy because the weather is very little. We must roll up their sleeves.
The year 2011 will give us another change of rules with the unknown of Pirelli tires. It will be interesting to see who will be able to interpret them better. February arrives early and the gap to recover is important. We were in full Red Bull and this says a lot. A commercial product has got the better of the car. With the arrival of Adrian Newey, the team reversed course. The team has grown exponentially. Adrian is a certainty. He won a world with all the teams for which he worked.
Next year we will have five world champions at the start and the top 4 teams. Even if the reference is the RB, we must not underestimate the McLaren. In Abu Dhabi, the two pilots have marked the best laps of the race and that means that their engine had a gear, even though we were the last appointment. I’m curious to see the first public test to see who will be most benefited by this change.